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  • 18 Terms that Matter in 2018

    What a wonderful journey 2017 was! More than 150 projects came to life, more than 250 campaigns were launched, and more than 500 accounts were supported and managed, and at the end of every day, we made sure our team and clients were satisfied. It’s no surprise that the economic situation in the region was not at its best, and that we were all struggling to invest smartly. It was challenging, yet we only grow when we learn. We’re getting ready for 2018; we’re definitely more determined to accomplish projects efficiently, to deliver on time […]

  • Our Housewarming Party – Food, Drinks and Memories Made!

    The right party, with the right crowd, at the right time. On May 25, we threw our office housewarming party to celebrate with our friends, partners, clients and team, and it couldn’t have been any better. Right before the party, our UI/UX experts gave a talk as part of Beirut Design Week 2017. The talk was titled “Building Today’s Experiences for Tomorrow’s Habits” and streamed live on Facebook 360 Live Video with the help of ITWorksMe team. Our terrace accommodated us all; we grabbed bites, raised toasts and shared laughs till midnight. Selfies Box set […]

  • New Year, Big Move, Fresh Start

    A New Year is making its way through, and we’re starting it with a boost to our morale and space! This is not the first time we move to a new location. We did it first in 2001: we rented a 200m2 office on our 5th anniversary when we were a team of 15. Year after year, the company grew, new people joined the family and we gradually increased the rented space to over 700m2 to accommodate all of us. Those were 15 fantastic years. By the end of this year, 2016, we had to […]

  • Things That Matter… 20 Years and Still Counting

    With you, dear customers, partners and friends of Born Interactive, I share a few thoughts that I compiled with the team: The thought that we’re 20 years old. It matters. The reality that we have been around longer than Google! It matters. The fact that our very first web clients still work with us. It matters. The stroke we add to the wireframes to make them interactive. It matters. The colour we adjust on designs to support a responsive website. It matters. The growth following the 2000 .com burst, the social and mobile boom in […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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