Things That Matter… 20 Years and Still Counting

Things That Matter… 20 Years and Still Counting
At this 20 year milestone, coming to think of how it all started and what we did to achieve it, I realise that it is all about an uncountable compilation of small and big things that brought us where we are now. I see flashes of stories, projects, moments, incidents, challenges, decisions, and choices... and they are all things that matter. 

With you, dear customers, partners and friends of Born Interactive, I share a few thoughts that I compiled with the team:

  • The thought that we’re 20 years old. It matters.
  • The reality that we have been around longer than Google! It matters.
  • The fact that our very first web clients still work with us. It matters.
  • The stroke we add to the wireframes to make them interactive. It matters.
  • The colour we adjust on designs to support a responsive website. It matters.
  • The growth following the 2000 .com burst, the social and mobile boom in 2007. It matters
  • The extra line of code that enable us to track behaviour on your website. It matters.
  • That pixel we add on your site to count and optimize conversions. It matters.
  • That moment we scale up your server due to high traffic on your site. It matters.
  • The fact that we are always driven by the purpose and the objective, and not the mean. It matters.
  • That first handshake that reflects commitment. It matters.
  • That five-minute cheer of fame we enjoy together when your tweet goes viral. It matters.
  • Your business-specific need that pushes us to learn more and go the extra mile. It matters.
  • The brainstorming session we conduct to take you to the next digital level. It matters.
  • The team spirit that speaks for itself. It matters.
  • Our constant evolution in market turmoil. It matters.
  • The special bond we form with you that drives synergies. It matters.
  • The trust you grant us. It matters.

Born Interactive’s team of great people throughout those 20 years was involved in accomplishing, learning, teaching, advocating, supporting, writing, practicing and realizing all those things that matter.

It is all about those things that shaped our story, our culture, our values, our evolution and our successes; those things some of you have understood, and some others have heard of and many might experience in the future.

Those things that matter are what marked our past 20 years and will still be the bits and pieces that will inspire us for many more years.

On this 20th anniversary, we are taking on new challenges and seeking new adventures, we are moving to new state-of-the art offices, revealing our new identity and launching this blog to be closer to you and share more of the things that matter to us with you.

Thank you for the fantastic ride. Cheers to more years to come! Cheers to things that matter!

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Karlissimo • 7 years ago

Bon vent for the next 200 years

Naja Faysal • 7 years ago

Congrats born interactive

Loutfi Laham • 6 years ago

Congratulations on your success and on the new move. Godspeed !!!


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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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