Things That Matter… 20 Years and Still Counting

With you, dear customers, partners and friends of Born Interactive, I share a few thoughts that I compiled with the team:

  • The thought that we’re 20 years old. It matters.
  • The reality that we have been around longer than Google! It matters.
  • The fact that our very first web clients still work with us. It matters.
  • The stroke we add to the wireframes to make them interactive. It matters.
  • The colour we adjust on designs to support a responsive website. It matters.
  • The growth following the 2000 .com burst, the social and mobile boom in 2007. It matters
  • The extra line of code that enable us to track behaviour on your website. It matters.
  • That pixel we add on your site to count and optimize conversions. It matters.
  • That moment we scale up your server due to high traffic on your site. It matters.
  • The fact that we are always driven by the purpose and the objective, and not the mean. It matters.
  • That first handshake that reflects commitment. It matters.
  • That five-minute cheer of fame we enjoy together when your tweet goes viral. It matters.
  • Your business-specific need that pushes us to learn more and go the extra mile. It matters.
  • The brainstorming session we conduct to take you to the next digital level. It matters.
  • The team spirit that speaks for itself. It matters.
  • Our constant evolution in market turmoil. It matters.
  • The special bond we form with you that drives synergies. It matters.
  • The trust you grant us. It matters.
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Comments (3)
Karlissimo • 7 years ago

Bon vent for the next 200 years

Naja Faysal • 7 years ago

Congrats born interactive

Loutfi Laham • 7 years ago

Congratulations on your success and on the new move. Godspeed !!!


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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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