18 Terms that Matter in 2018

What a wonderful journey 2017 was! More than 150 projects came to life, more than 250 campaigns were launched, and more than 500 accounts were supported and managed, and at the end of every day, we made sure our team and clients were satisfied. It’s no surprise that the economic situation in the region was not at its best, and that we were all struggling to invest smartly. It was challenging, yet we only grow when we learn.

We’re getting ready for 2018; we’re definitely more determined to accomplish projects efficiently, to deliver on time and to always go the extra mile in consulting or offering the best solution approach to any of our partners.

Now that 2018 is almost here, we’re once again aligning our business objectives with our clients’ needs to achieve tangible and concrete results and provide the right digital approach. We thought it would be inspiring to actually coin 18 terms we believe you will hear a lot from us this year. They are what we preach, what we implement, what we monitor and deliver. They are how we handle your brand online, how we evolve it, how we work and strategize. They are what defines us as an Integrated Communication Agency. They are the 18 terms that will matter to your business this year.

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Ali Kazouiny • 6 years ago

Wishing You successful year ahead and blessed holidays

Badih Saikali • 6 years ago

Relationships between service providers and their customers are indeed very important (slide 16). I strongly believe that the exponential potential of relationships between all people hasn’t been brought to life yet, even with the seemingly overwhelming usage of current social or professional networking tools. So RV in 2018!!


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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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