New Year, Big Move, Fresh Start

A New Year is making its way through, and we’re starting it with a boost to our morale and space! This is not the first time we move to a new location. We did it first in 2001: we rented a 200m2 office on our 5th anniversary when we were a team of 15. Year after year, the company grew, new people joined the family and we gradually increased the rented space to over 700m2 to accommodate all of us.

Those were 15 fantastic years.

By the end of this year, 2016, we had to yet again expand, this time to a beautiful 1,000m2 multi-level space. It’s our new environment to evolve!

We haven’t only moved, we’ve also changed our look! We revealed a new logo and identity. Determined, passionate, thriving and hardworking more than ever, we continue to deliver our projects fuelled by dedication and high-standards.

Why did we move? Well here goes the real deal.
Our team needs it, our clients and partners need it, and most of all, our eye is on the future, and this necessitates that we operate from a more relaxed office: Bigger rooms for trainings, meetings and creativity sessions, wider space and spacious desks to foster well-being and productivity, a terrace for both chilling and working… Let’s just say we are happy to be here and ready for the upcoming phase.

As a new year rolls in, we celebrate it enthusiastically and with the same dedication to creative, innovative and result-generating state-of-the-art digital and interactive communication solutions and experiences that address the evolving needs of local, regional, and global institutional and corporate clients.
You can always contact us on +961-1-513599 and +961-3-303646, and email us on info@borninteractive.com. For a more informative visit, please check our website.

Happy New Year from Born Interactive!

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Alex Mahfoud • 8 years ago

Well done! Continued success to the entire team, passion and commitment to explore new horizons. Congratulations!

Manal Kandil • 8 years ago

Best of luck to the best company and team! Wishing you prosperity and success always!


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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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